Local Delivery is default option if checking out with ShopPay even if its most expensive

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Shopify updated the checkout a couple of months ago and since then we had an unexpected change where the shipping options at checkout no longer show in order of the cheapest to the most expensive. We had several instances where Local Delivery (which we use for a premium same day courier service as we can tier the pricing based on distance) comes up as the pre-selected shipping option at checkout instead of Free Standard Delivery.


We escalated this to Shopify support several times, and they initially tried to work with us and fix this. However, the problem kept reverting back. They later came back and said that the checkout was permanently set up in a way where only if the payment method the customer uses is ShopPay (which has now become the default payment method) then the auto selected option is Local Delivery regardless of the price. For payments other than ShopPay shipping would show cheapest to most expensive.


In the ShopPay express checkout our customers don't even normally see the shipping options in the dropdown, so they get a big shock when they complete payment and are charged $40 for same day delivery instead of Free Standard Shipping.


Shopify support has told us this is the way the checkout is now, and they won't change it unless they get more feedback and complaints. Surely we are not the only ones in the same boat where this is causing issues? This change doesn't make any sense and seems to be an accident that was overlooked and they are now not paying attention to.

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Exactly customers look a the first option don't see drop down causing me headaches   

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Yes, this is a problem for two of my customers' stores and counting. It shouldn't be a dropdown; it should be multiple visible radio buttons.