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Is there a way to offer local pick up without revealing the pick up address until AFTER the customer has paid at checkout. The address is shown with the shipping info before they complete checkout. I would prefer to have an email sent with pick up details and exact locations after they complete checkout. I am using a personal address so i want to keep it more private. 



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Hi, @!


Rose here from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out!


The local pick up feature is designed to connect to an existing location within your shipping settings. That location cannot exist within the settings without being the full address. While it allows your customer the chance to see the address and determine whether or not they are able to pick up the order, I can understand the level of privacy you wish to maintain.


With that being said, the other option you have would be to create a flat shipping rate based on price ($0 orders and up) that goes by the name "Pick up - City name". That way, all your customers will see this option and determine whether or not they can pick up within that city limit. 


I hope that helps! If you have any other questions, please let me know.




Rose | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Dear Shopify.
It would be great if we could edit the notification sent to the customer when the pick up is ready.  Since I work from home and I have my physical location set as my PO Box, I would like to let the customer know that's not where they will be picking up.  I have a few meeting places nearby or a store where my daughter works about 20 minutes away for folks that live near there so it's easier for them.   I'm not going to create inventory at each one of those locations ( inventory tracking is bad enough since I inventory product but sell designs )so..... at least if we could edit each notification on the fly (per individual pick up / customer) to let each customer know individually the address and time they could pick up, it would be great.  I'm sure there's a ton of people that have shopify stores that work from home and don't want customers coming to their house would appreciate this tweak!
Thank you

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I'd like to know the alternatives as well.

I have several moving pick up locations so I'd rather notify customers when the orders are ready.

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Hi Rose,

your suggestion is not really helpful - I used to do this and you wouldn't believe the number of people who try to sneak in 'free shipping' - which then requires follow-up and chasing up the cost of shipping. I also tried adding a complicated discount code for free pick-up, and still had people telling me they "accidentally" entered that code. I think it would be good to have the option of not revealing the address until after payment. I really can't see why that is not possible.

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Hi Rose,

I also find this not helpful at all.

Now that Local Pickup is part of shipping, when I send a shipping confirmation, it tells my customer that the order is being shipped. This is not true. I need to be able to edit the notification for this specific customer saying that the order is available for pickup.

We need an option to offer local pickup at checkout, and then have the location for pickup indicated only after purchase has been made.

Why isn't this available? Other solutions?

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Yes, I absolutely agree! This is completely unsafe for those who work from their homes & don't want everyone visiting their site to be able to see their home address!! I understand you can get a PO BOX, BUT a PO BOX isn't where someone will be picking up an order. For Shopify being so highly recommended I'm seeing a ton of flaws in the short time I've been using this platform. It's 2021 a lot of these updates everyone is recommending cannot be that hard to do, in addition... some of this stuff makes no sense from a sellers standpoint, it may make sense for the developers but NOT US. You guys should really consider some of our recommendations or I see a lot of people leaving. 


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I still wouldnt' want to show my address  I don't allow customers to come to my home (first off that's an insurance disaster waiting to happen secondly, they don't need to know where I live, ever.  Buying ONLINE is online we don't have to mock a brick and mortar with our homes. )  I meet them nearby so I would like to set an address at the time of telling them it's ready for pick up so to be able to edit the "ready for pick up " notification would be optimum and probably an easier fix for the developers.

And yes it's always from a developers vs users standpoint. All developers should be made to use their own software in a real working environment - I bet things would get changed real fast  once they had to suffer through their products. 

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I’d also like to register a complaint about this system. I tried to add a £0 flat rate shipping and, because of the way Shopify Pay and Apple Pay is set up, it defaults to the first shipping option, which is the cheapest and I believe people are accidentally checking out with, this or they are just trying to get free shipping which badly eats into the profits of a small start up business.

Like others, I do not want to provide my private address until after the purchase. 

I have seen similar threads across this community, it’s been a widely recognised problem for some years and the user experience is very disappointing. Please could you let us know if this ongoing issue will be acknowledged and a suitable user solution provided? What is currently offered is not fit for its intended purpose for many businesses.



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This thread is about Local Pick up  not flat rate. ARe you trying to set a flat rate shipping for pick up?  I believe shopify has recently added a Local Delivery Module. Maybe that might help you?