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We have two locations, a store and a warehouse. We have items stored at both locations that are being sold online. We only offer local pickup and ship from the store location. We want to specify item location to help our employees find items, and we've tried adding tags or info to the SKU but this is cumbersome,

We recently looked into the "locations" feature, but when we enabled it to test it out, it messed up the local pickup and shipping options. 

We want to be able to sell online items from both locations (as stock is stored in both locations) BUT only offer pickup and shipping from one, the store location. All items are fulfilled in the end from the store. We go to the warehouse to pick items then bring everything to the store to sell via local pickup or shipping. 

Is it possible to make this distinction on Shopify (we have the Basic Shopify plan) and if so how is it done? 

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Hi, yes this is actually pretty difficult to achieve in Shopify. But, if you are using fixed rates for shipping, our app ShipMagic should be able to fix this problem for you. 

But please be mindful that this only works if you offer fixed rate shipping.

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Hi John,

My name is Stephane from Zapiet and I'd like to suggest looking into our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app.

It allows you to offer any of the 3 checkout options (Store Pickup, Local Delivery, Shipping) from your cart page. What's important here is that the inventory isn't linked to Shopify's location by default.

This means that you can create locations in our app, and have them offer pickup on all or specific products you select, regardless of where they are physically stocked.

If you'd like to see what our cart page widget looks like and get a feel for the customer experience, you can check out our demo site : https://zapietdemo.myshopify.com/ 

You can try out our app with our 14 day trial too!

And of course if you have any questions or would like more info, feel free to contact us at support@zapiet.com

Stephane Fattizzo
Merchant Support
Zapiet Ltd
support@zapiet.com / +44 20 4526 8806
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