Lock Shipping Address fields on checkout

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We are Shopify Plus and want to know if the following scenario is possible, even with custom coding. Shopify Plus support was unsure.


1) We are selling wholesale to vendors of our events.

2) Vendors can order select product at a discount and get our logo embroidered on the items.
3) Our vendors are assigned a customer account to login with "tagged" with their vendor name.

4) Those customer accounts have a shipping address set up in them (in the profile)
5) When the vendor logs in they are taken to a wholesale quick order form with special wholesale pricing

6) When they get to the checkout screen we want the "profile" shipping address to pre-populate and not be editable. The address is the address of the embroiderer.

7) The vendor completes checkout and our fulfillment knows to ship items to the embroiderer who will then ship to the customer once customized.


If we let the vendor add an address in, they may put in their own address which we need to avoid. Even if we provide instructions to all vendors, they still may mess this up.

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I would like do also do this, but I am not on Shopify Plus.  Did you ever come up with a solution?