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Login problems

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I have been a developer with Prestashop and Symfony for two years. Unfortunately, I have the utmost displeasure to work with one of the Shopify apps, due to lack of devs. I mean, it is convoluted enough (1 account for shop, another for partners account and you cannot use the same email and then for support, you need yet another account), but whatever, you get used to it.

I am using a VPN (would hardly imagine dev working with confidential information without a VPN) and I cannot connect to the shop when I am connected to VPN. First, it would spam me with "suspicious login activity". On one instance, I got the code, entered the code, entered the correct password and it blocked my account again! What do you consider "suspicious"? I suppose you cannot distinguish it properly, so you just spam people with it just to be sure?

Next. I passed the "suspicious login activity" **, somehow, I am honestly not sure why all of the sudden it just let me through.  Then, for like 20 minutes I keep doing the recaptchas, selecting planes, bikes, buses and what-not and each team I pass it, it confirms that I am human (Why, thank you! I had my doubts, but here we are..)... and then greets me with a grayed-out, disabled "Continue" button! Here is the screenshot: 


Am I supposed to F12 and remove the disabled property from the button? Anyway, I disconnected from VPN, figured different IP would give second thoughts to Shopify (you know, the analogy for devs would be, then you have no idea what's wrong, you clear the cache). And once again, I have successfully hacked my way to my OWN account. 

I tried to be as civil as possible. I hope this is the last time I touch Shopify, but maybe, just maybe it will give you some ideas on how to improve the system. And perhaps you can advise how one can avoid aforementioned issues?

Thank you for the great experience.

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