Looking for a way to export orders in with ANSI encoding and (CRLF) 10 format

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I need to export orders in a particular format. Here are the requirements. 

  1. (CRLF) 10 format
  2. Use a .TXT extension
  3. 2023-02-01-10-06-44-533.txt
    1.      the filename includes a date/time stamp as noted above
  4. All lines within the file must be terminated by Carriage Return Line Feed (CRLF) 10

define the “header” elements that are not part of the order but hard-coded into the format. 


Account Number: 0000000
Sub Acct:
Account Name: Our Business
Acct Addr1: 100 Petronia Road
Acct Addr2: Suite 200N
Acct Addr3:
Acct City: Easton
Acct State: Cal
Acct ZIP: 18104
Acct Phone:484-456-2600
Acct EMail: frank.smithy@aol.org
Acct Contact: Frank Smithy



Recip Name: Jane Doe
Recip Addr1: 123 Street Road
Recip Addr2:
Recip Addr3:
Recip City: Anytown
Recip State: PA
Recip ZIP: 18252
Recip Phone: 484-555-1212
Recip EMail: JaneDoe@gmail.com

Order Number: 10001 (shopify order number)

M15 VBR00346 - 2 (Shopify sku - quantity)

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