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Losing Organic Traffic

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Can someone please help me determine why I am losing organic traffic? I need some help understanding why my total clicks and impressions are down.  https:/  Thank you.

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Hi @JeanetteQuillen,


It's PageFly - Page Builder App here and I'd like to share some of my initial thoughts when first browsing through your online store. I hope that my recommendations based on 6 years of providing solutions for more than 100.000 merchants can be beneficial to you in improving your store performance.


We did take a deep look into your web design. I like that you have:

  • Appealing color scheme
  • Sticky header

For the design improvements, I would recommend a few things below:

1. Have a unique and prominent CTA above the fold

The first 5-second impression is really important. Having a clear CTA button above the fold can encourage site visitors to take action.


2. Check for responsiveness and display

Check the elements’ spacing on live page for better visibility and legibility


3. Ensure that the text is legible

Ensure that the text font, size, and color are consistent and easy to read.


4. Highlight brand features on Homepage

From the homepage, users quickly assess not only a site's product catalog, but also the brand's policies, value proposition, and trustworthiness, and a lack of clarity on any of these concerns can lead to premature abandonment.

5. Style the primary Add to Cart button to be unique and prominent

Make sure the "Add to Cart" button has distinct styling that isn't shared with other buttons, and that it stands out as the major button on the page. If you're going to utilize a sticky "Add to Cart" button, make sure there's enough white space around it (don't use full-width sticky "Add to Cart" buttons).



We have more suggestions here on improving the Product Page page, you can check out here if you are interested: This guide on Website Personalization can be helpful for you too!


To investigate the loss of organic traffic, we suggest you run an SEO check on your site beside considering implementing the design improvements.


If you find my comments helpful to you, like it or mark it as a solution. Let me know if you have any questions. I recommend you take a look at our PageFly is a powerful page builder to help merchants to build pages.

Happy selling!

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