Lost because of Oberlo and Shopify

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Am a bit confused, and i wish if i could get some answers.

If i push one variant of a product from Oberlo to Shopify lte say Size: L , it will apearn in my shop as an option in the product page.But let say i don't want see that option, the buyer will get that size no matter what, so i deleat the variant in my shopify 

. will that effect the customer order ? will he still get the same variant even if i don't include it i the product page ? 

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Hi @batking2 ! Gabby here from the Community Engagement team at Spocket.


It’s been quite a while since you posted this and you might have already figured it out, but still, I’d like to give an answer. To only have "Large" as your variant for the item you’re selling, you just simply have to only include this variant when you import it from your dropshipping platform. From what I know, variant options can be disabled in your Shopify settings - I’ll mark this as new so hopefully a rep from Shopify can help you out.


Moving forward, despite this being posted a long time ago already, I still wanted to comment as I wanted to invite you to check out Spocket. Given the date of posting of your concern, I assume you’re still using Oberlo. In relation to your issue, Spocket makes it easy for you as the import process is easy to navigate and can be done in a few clicks. Please refer to the image below!




Besides the user-friendly features, Spocket is something you might want to consider as it beats other apps in terms of the suppliers the platform has. The app gives you access to thousands of suppliers who mainly come from the EU and the US so you’re only given products of quality and efficient shipping times.


You can head on over to Spocket’s official website to learn more!