Low to high and high to low filtering not working for collections

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I am working on a shop in Athens theme. Within the collections are different series on tractors (all at a different pricepoint). We have the shop set on catalog only because we're not actually selling online. We have the base price set on all the tractors on the product page (though it is hidden to the eye) - but when you go view the collection in the shop and try to filter high to low/low to high - it's completely wrong.

Is there a way to

1. remove high to low/low to high filtering all together

2. or, fix this 

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The easiest way would be just to remove it. Go inside your theme customizer and then click on your catalog to open that section up in the editor.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 151523.png

Inside the custom CSS area put in this code:


#collection-sort-order option[value="price-ascending"],
#collection-sort-order option[value="price-descending"] {
    display: none;



You can put this in your main CSS file or your head tag of your page but this will limit the code to the scope of this section. Makes it easy to find custom code in the future too.

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