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Loyalty Apps and Discount Stacking without Shopify Plus

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We have recently decided to implement a loyalty program. We have shortlisted Loyalty Lion, Growave and Smile. However, after meeting with them and several other companies we have reached to the conclusion that it won't be possible to redeem loyalty points when there was another discount present in the same cart, unless we bought Shopify Plus. Can you please advise me if any of you found a workaround to this solution? Because at this point, it would not make sense for us to get the Shopify Plus just for redeeming loyalty points and it is hard to believe that it is the only viable option. Because as far as I know all the code stacker app are working manually, so that they won't be a solution either.


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Hi @Gunay_Zort, I'm Neomi from the app.

We specialized in gift cards & loyalty store credit programs.

Our loyalty program is based on store credit and not on points, this means customers can add their discount code and use their store credit in the same cart.


Check out our listing page and feel free to reach out at