Loyalty program with per product points relation

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I'm looking for a loyalty app that can assign points according the purchased product.



you buy A you earn 100

you buy B you earn 300


the value of points is not related to the value of the product.


Additionally the customer should be able to purchase a limited set of products with a part of points and a part of money (points have some kind of real value expressed in store currency).


Is anyone aware of an app with such set of features ? I ' m searching but i can't find any suitable app .




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Hi @caffitaly1 There are lot of apps in the shopify app store from where you can achieve this, but none of the app will be free to use, you need to buy the subscription of the app you want to use.


Here is the link where you can find all the apps.



If you will unable to integrate the apps then I'm happy to do this for you, let me know. I can integrate the apps so that this will work well for you.


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Hello @caffitaly1,


Unlikely, your requirements are too specific to be covered by a ready Shopify app. However, a proficient Shopify development company can easily develop a custom app for you to meet these needs.


You can also try Yotpo Loyalty & Rewards app by Swell Rewards. With this app, you can reward customers for over 15 unique actions, including referring friends to a store, writing product reviews, creating a store account, interacting with your brand on their socials, reading or viewing targeted content, or even spending schemes like "spend $X – get $Y", "make X purchases – get $Y", and much more.


If you need any consultation or assistance, don't hesitate to ask.


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