Mafia-like Shopify behavior

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So we received an email from Shopify yesterday evening, Sunday, telling us, without prior notice, that we have 48h to delete some artworks we sell depicting breasts or genitalia. That includes, among others, an original Picasso drawing listed on our store for more than 2 years. The email also threatens us: if the products are re-published or re-added after this review your account will be subject to further reviews and actions.

At first we thought this was a spam, but after taking a closer look the mail is legit, as we verified contacting support and answering it.

To make things even worse we just discovered, not even 18h later, that Shopify payments has already been removed from our store!! Even the icons on the bottom of the screen are gone. What is this mafia-like procedure? Who do you think you are?

An official complaint is being filled, but in the meantime we want to make the community aware of this preposterous behavior.

After this shameful treatment we are seriously considering to migrate our shop somewhere else.

All the best

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I definitely understand the frustration, especially since it's taken a year for them to notice. However, it does explicitly say in the Terms of Service that nudity isn't allowed. 


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