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I am a retailer who had built and used the shopify platform for a number of years for my website design and ecommerce sales. For instore sales I used Quickbooks Point of Sale. I used an app called Webgility which connected my quickbooks to my online store to keep track of inventory between the two platforms. Recently I purchased Shopify POS and a shopify specialist assisted with a migration of my quickbooks inventory to the shopify platform. HOWEVER, after the migration all my product images and product from my shopify website were erased. I'm left with my inventory list from quickbooks but my entire website which I spent years working on was erased. HOW CAN I GET MY WEBSITE BACK!?!?! BEYOND DISSAPOINTED WITH THE SHOPIFY TEAM ON HOW THEY COULD MAKE MADE SUCH AN ERROR. And nobody from their sales team will assist me. 

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Ah, sorry to hear this 😞 We use WooCommerce (but are getting ready to switch to Shopify)- and used to use QuickBooks POS as well. 


That's really unfortunate to hear about the images - have you been able to either escalate this to a higher Shopify support level, or maybe talk to a Shopify Agency that might have better contacts with Shopify? You'd think they'd have a backup of that somewhere on their end.


As a side note, we use MyWorks to sync our WooCommerce store with QuickBooks POS, and it's been so great. One of their great features is that they can sync images between QuickBooks POS and WooCommerce. I wonder if you'd be able to use them to sync images from QuickBooks POS to a dummy WooCommerce store, and from there, copy them over to Shopify?