Making bundles from variants.

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I have a product of stickers that has 4 variants of different designs. Each sticker variant I have 30 in inventory. I want to create a way to allow my customers to choose a bundle/ set option where they can buy all 4 stickers for one combined price while still keeping track of my inventory. I want shopify to be able to track the inventory of 120 total stickers across 4 variants. Like if someone where to buy a bundle of 4, shopify will look at my inventory count and see if I have enough for a bundle or if not, display sold out. Is this something I have to do manually?  

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Do you wish to create a single product that contains the 4 stickers? You can bundle up each product so your inventory is up to date. Our application allows you to achieve this as we recalculate your inventory based on sales and components of each bundle.

Do you need to have the user select 4 different designs or are you going to create a bundle with those designs preset?



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Hi @Senpia, you can take a look through these apps, maybe one of them can help your issue.

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Just add a Buy-all-stickers button on the page. When the user clicks the button, add the 4 variants at once.

At the same time, create an auto-discount for the 4 items. When all 4 variants are in the cart, give a discount. When the customer removes one of them, the discount will disappear

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@Senpia  Have you found any solution yet? I think the MultiVariants - Bulk Order app can meet your needs.

So far what I understood from your question is you have  Stickers in 4 different variants. Customers must choose at least a single product from each variant and then place the order. Along with that, you also want to track the inventory.

If I have understood correctly, then MultiVariants is the right app for you. It will allow you to display all the available variants on the product page and set a minimum/maximum order quantity limit. 

The app also tracks and updates the Shopify inventory, using the app you can show/hide the available quantity of each variant on the product page. And, if a variant runs out of stock, the app will display a Stockout badge for that variant. 

Check out this Demo product that does the same as what you are looking for.
minimum order quantity for each variantminimum order quantity for each variant



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