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Manage inventory with stock reduction across all varients

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The title isn't that clear but to explain it properly here is my problem.

I have a hose for sale. And that hose is available in 8 different colours.
This hose is available WITH or WITHOUT jubilee clips.

Say I have 10 blue hoses in stock.
Someone buys 1 blue without clips. the inventory drops to 9.
But the hose with clips stays at 10.

The hose is the same part regardless of clips purchased so what I need is the quantity of the hose to reduce correctly across both varients.

What will eventually happen as the product sells is my store/inventory will be showing stock when it has sold out due to the way the inventory is tracked across varients that use the same product.

Hope that makes sense.


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Hi @dodge 


I understand your situation here. Your Product is a bundle product or a compound product i.e it consist of some composition of more than 1 sku. To sync inventory for these products , there is no native functionality in shopify. We as a merchant also faced the same issue. For which our inhouse team has developed a modern clean way to handle this through an app : Profit Bundles. What you need to do is go to the app select your product then just add the composite products for this bundle, it's that simple. Whenever someone buys your product inventory is deducted as per composition. Also Multi-location inventory is supported.



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Thank you, I'll take a look!


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There are 2 elements in these kind of setups:


  1. You would bundle up each variant with the component or master stock SKU. Our app processes the order with a bundle post purchase and unbundles the order line to the individual components. You can 
  2. Recalculate the inventory available of the bundle item based on the component stock. So if different bundles contain same components they all get updated when one sells.





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