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Managed Markets

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Is anyone using the 'Managed Markets' for International orders? Any feedback on if it is actually worth it? Pros vs Cons?



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Hi @Ellie881,

Using Shopify's 'Managed Markets' feature for international orders can be beneficial, but whether it's worth it depends on your specific business needs and goals.


- Simplified Management: Consolidate different markets into a single dashboard and streamline creation of region-specific experiences.
- Localized Experience: Automatic currency conversion and regional pricing, multilingual store offerings, country-specific domains enhance SEO and accessibility.
- Optimized Shipping and Taxes: Custom shipping rates for different regions, automatic tax and duty calculations.
- Popular regional payment methods.
- Detailed market performance analytics.

- Time-consuming setup and ongoing maintenance.
- Additional costs for premium features and apps.

- Complicated international shipping and inventory management.
- Managing returns across regions.
- Different legal and tax requirements for each market.

- Use Managed Markets if: You have a significant international customer base and resources to handle complexity and costs.
- Alternative Solutions if: Your business is mainly local, you're starting out, or you prefer simplicity and low maintenance.





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