Managing inventory with pre-designed (quick sale) options

Managing inventory with pre-designed (quick sale) options

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We sell custom PlayStation Controllers -- And I'm trying to figure out, if I have Pre-Designed options for customers to purchase, how can I create a Product in Shopify that will pull all of the product variant options from inventory, when someone makes the purchase? 


For example... If a gray faceplate, blue buttons and black backplate for a controller is required to build the pre-designed controller product, how can I make that Product pull those inventory items from my inventory, when a customer makes the purchase?


Thanks for your help!!

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Hi @MastrM,

For managing pre-designed options for your custom PlayStation Controllers product, I recommend utilizing the Easify Product Options app. You can link each option to the relevant products such as faceplates, buttons, and backplates.

Here's a brief demonstration on how to set it up using the app 🤗:

  • Create your PlayStation Controller product without defining variants.

  • Create faceplates, buttons, and backplates as separate products with distinct color options for each.

  • Install the app and create an option set:



  • Add an option for selecting Faceplate colors using Color or Image Swatches, linking each option value to the respective products and variants.



  • Similarly, create two more options for selecting Button and Backplate colors.



  • Once you've set up the options, add them to the PlayStation Controller product, and your configuration will be complete:



This setup will allow you to efficiently manage and present pre-designed options for your custom PlayStation Controllers 👍.

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