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I am launching a new hoodie on my store. I would like to limit the quantity of that product to 50 however I do no want to put an exact number for sizes such as S, M, L, etc. I would like for my customers to have the to ability to choose whatever size they need but once the 50 hoodies have been bought I would like for that item to appear sold out. The idea behind this is that I am ordering the hoodies after the customers order so I order the correct sizes of hoodie without overflow. Is there anyway to achieve this? As of right now when I don’t add in product sizes, the sizes do not appear at all.

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Shopify Staff
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Hey @Brokeboy!

This is definitely something that is possible to do but it would be through the means of an app and not native to Shopify.

There is an app that springs to mind straight away called Order Limits (MinMaxify) and you can find it here:

There are a couple of other apps in the Shopify App Store with this function as their primary feature and you can see them below:

I know it might not be ideal, but this is currently the closest workaround for this feature. I will also submit this as a feature request for our development team on your behalf as we do consider your suggestions when we release updates on our platform. Updates will be published on our Shopify Changelog page:

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