Manual product selections in my Collection do not save

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I've searched online for answers to this particular problem but couldn't find any that were specific to this.
Basically, in my Shopify Collection, I am typically able to sort my products using the list options provided (Bestselling, A to Z, Newest, Oldest, Manually, etc.) without issue.


These Steps typically work for me:

  1. I update my "Manual" list, putting certain products in a specific order
  2. Then I switch to another list, for example, "Newest", to further edit any new products
  3. Finally I switch back over to my "Manual" list (where everything is usually right where I left it), so that my products will reflect this specific order on our website

*Usually that's all I need to do. But lately when I finish Steps 1 & 2, and continue to Step 3, my previous "Manual" selections from Step 1 are gone. And instead, the "Manual" list reflects the order of the last list I was in (for example, "Newest").


Is there a way to ensure that my "Manual" selections stay in place, regardless of whether I view other lists? (Newest, Oldest, Bestselling...)


It doesn't seem to be a "Save" issue, as I get the pop-up at the bottom of the screen that says "Collection Order Updated". But it doesn't save my Manual order if I switch to another list. It just resets.


Any solutions to this?

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