Many website Visitors, 10 Add to Cart but No Conversions

Many website Visitors, 10 Add to Cart but No Conversions

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I started my Facebook sales campaign a few days ago and ran it for 6 days. The Facebook targeted event was "Add to Cart," and Facebook showed me that the total number of "Add to Cart" actions was 10, but there weren't any conversions. Any idea why this might have happened?

I believe I have already taken care of many things, such as setting the shipping cost to $8 for order below $190 USD and free for above ,a simple checkout method etc.
Please let me know what could be improved or any additional things I could do. Any input would be highly appreciated. This is my Website: 


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@Waqar_aaly - I just popped open your website, excellent job, it is very clean. A couple of things that could be happening:

  • I didn't see size charts on the products I opened, this could definitely be one reason people are not pulling the trigger. If you don't have size charts made up, you could easily create them using Canva or something similar. There are also apps in the App Store that work really nicely and can be positioned virtually anywhere you would like on the product page. We use "BF Size charts" in our flagship store, simple and works flawlessly.
  • Considering your price point, it may be advantageous to incorporate a "buy now pay later" provider or two. Not sure if Shop Pay is an option where you are, but that may be worth looking into.
  • Do you have "abandoned checkout" automations set up and if so, have you reviewed your abandoned checkouts to ensure that the emails are actually being sent successfully?
  • May sound like a silly question, but have you attempted to make a test purchase on your store? I have a friend who had a similar issue to what you are describing, and when he made a test purchase (a month after opening the store), he found there was an issue preventing people from checking out.

Anyway, just a few thoughts that immediately came to mind. I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the response.

The size chart is already there just before the 'add to cart' button. I created it using Canva. Also, I have set up the abandoned cart email automation a few days ago and have already tested a purchase. I am receiving it.

Still no idea why there is no conversions .

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Hey @Waqar_aaly.

A few quick comments from my experience that hopefully help you gain more perspective to optimize your landing page.
- I think the product section needs more social proof about their purchases and leaving product experience images or reviews. Product review applications do this very well.
- In the payment section, which countries are you running Facebook ads in? Current payment gateways can support them. Having 10 customers add products to the cart and not proceed with the purchase, I think is a big possibility regarding the payment method.
- Visiting, I see that your page is very calm, there is no excitement here, use Fomo effects, the customer has just made a purchase, his eyes are looking at the product or this product How many units have been sold? Popup apps do this very well, check them out.
- Finally, add clear return or promotion policies to increase brand reputation and thereby increase customers' purchasing ability.
Those are some of my quick comments, hope they are useful to you. 

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