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March 1st Commercial Invoices generated for International shipments

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We sell billiard equipment, but since March 1st Shopify has removed the ability to provide the actual description of the package contents, despite having a field to enter this description. Instead, the vendor description is replaced with a general description of the HSCODE. One can only discover this after inputting the correct information into the description fields and then purchasing the label to find instead a general, and even wrong General HScode description (not even the sub-category that is chosen) is thrown into the "Description of Contents" on the invoice with no indication of what it actually is. 

We primarily sell pool cues, but if I say a "Meucci 97-21 billiard cue with a hard case" instead the HS Code 9504 description replaces my description on my commercial invoice.

Heading 9504Video game consoles and machines, table or parlor games, including pinball machines, billiards, special tables for casino games and automatic bowling equipment, amusement machines operated by coins, banknotes, bank cards, tokens or by any other means of payment:

Despite having entered 950420

Subheading 9504.20Articles and accessories for billiards of all kinds:

I am told that they can not correct. They have no work around.

In addition, why would one enter the description of actually what is in the package in shopify's form fields, if it were to be totally replaced by a general hscode description? Why not make it where the hscode description is in addition to... rather than in lieu of the vendor description?

So now a very useful tool has been taken away. The ability to produce a customs commercial invoice and I am told they have no idea when there will be a fix to this issue. What???!

I now have to manually create an my commercial customs invoice!

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We are seeing this same issue with Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column.


Shopify we need a way to restore the Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column so that it once again shows each Products' Title.
Alternatively,  we're looking for a way to make "Description of Contents" correctly match our HSCode, 9504.90.60, which it does not do since the March Shopify Change.  The new Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column is instead incorrectly showing the HSCode for all of 9504:

"Video game consoles and machines, articles for funfair, table or parlour games, incl. pintables, billiards, special tables for casino games and automatic bowling alley equipment. OTHER GAMES, OPERATED BY COINS, NOTES, BANK CARDS, TOKENS , OTHER THAN BOWLING ALLEY EQUIPMENT."


When the Shopify Orders Shipping Customer Form (Page 2) "Description of Contents" column should just read our HS CODE, 9504.90.60, description:

"Parlor Games"


"Chess, checkers, backgammon, darts and o/table and parlor games played on boards of a special design and parts thereof; poker chips and dice"


So the current shopify update is definitely incorrect.  Whether it will also create customs desk issues, we'll soon see.

Dan Kaplan
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Same here, I now must use a pdf editor to correct the Shopify paperwork. Could try a third party mail service. Shopify was much better before.


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I also want to add the same feature in my shopify store. Can you guide me regarding this? I don't want to used any apps or plugins due to site load speed.

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In addition to these issues, there's another problem with the Commercial Invoice. Because the description takes up so much space, the form requires a page 2 for the signatures. Reducing the page size doesn't help ... it just results in 2 pages of smaller print. • • An immediate solution might be to reduce the column width for all the other items (qty, cntry of origin, etc). And/or the font size for the entire invoice could be reduced.

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In addition on smaller labels shipping to APO or 1st class labels our products will simply truncate the description to say "Video game console". Are you kidding? I send some billiard cue chalk and it says video game console?