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Is it possible to set different limits for the number of per purchase for each product?

My goal is it for example that the customer can buy a product 3 times per purchase.


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Hi there,

I'm Maggie, a Shopify Guru. 🙂

Great question! This is definitely possible with a few apps in our app store! Order Limit and Order Logic are great apps to look at. 

Hope this helps! If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact support 24/7.

Maggie | Shopify 
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If the quantities limits are small, you can control quantity selection through variants.  This is a simple, liquid-only method.

  • Create a new product template, say  Comment out the quantity controls in this template.  The quantity controls may be in a referenced section or form.
  • In the cart template, remove quantity controls.  You'll need the ability for customers to remove items.  So add a link to remove a line item and/or a link to clear the cart.
  • Then go to the products in the Shopify admin that you want to control quantity on.  Change the template to  And add a quantity variant with values for each of the allowed quantities.  You'll need to adjust the prices for the quantities greater than 1.

This is not a foolproof method as there is no validation/checking in the cart.  But it works well enough with honest customers in many situations.

Scott Austin - Owner of - Host of The Shopify Solutions Podcast
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I'm not sure this works? Because if you just keep adding the product to cart it will change the price total depending on the hidden value of the quantity right?

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As usual, you need a third party app for a simple task.

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Yeah, honestly, the amount of apps needed to setup things is getting out of hand. And these extra costs, 5-20 USD/ month. are not the end of the world if you have one or two apps. But when you need 10 of them you're starting to wonder if this is the right solution. 


Isn't there like an all-in-one app that has a lot of different solutions? That would be interesting and with a competitive price the developer would make a ton of money. 

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Its getting  stupid, every time I look to enhance the CX customer experience on our estore, 80% of the time i discover the same thing - not a baked in feature of Shopify.


So, yet another app. Yet another fee and yet another additional memory load on the store potentially slowing it down so affecting the CX experience and likely over time affecting transactions. 

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Well, your website looks beautiful and it loaded very fast for me 🙂

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Wow, Carlo, that is a very nice site 🙂


Out of curiosity, how many apps did you end up having to purchase, and/or how many hours of coding to get these results?


I completely agree with you about how frustrating it is to keep running into roadblocks at every turn. The fact Shopify is now Canada's #2 company just goes to show how desperate people are and will settle for a half-baked e-commerce solution. Maybe someday we'll get an Atlassian equivalent in the e-commerce space with product suites where it's mostly good-to-go, pricing that scales reasonably, and add-ons that actually provide extra functions, not the basics.

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Thanks for the +ive feedback on our online store.


Currently, evaluating apps and next steps.

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Hi, dear let's check this app to manage your all store products ordering system. Shopify maximum order quantity app restricts customer order into minimum and maximum product range. It enables you to manage product item quantity and amount. The Shopify odd and even series helping to generate more sales lead in batches. It supports sales by selling products in batches of odd, even series.




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Anyone find a code solution instead of paying $5/month for a ridiculously simple task?

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Hi, i'm facing the same issue here. Is there any other solutions instead paying $5 monthly just for a simple function that should have build in from the Shopify feature?

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Sorry I know it's an old post but I have to agree strongly with you. I have moved from WordPress to help a customer and everything needs an app and a subscription to achieve simple tasks. 

Shopify is far from a cheap platform to use. 

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Could you tell me what theme you are using for this site? Thanks!

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@Seeef Have you got your solution? It might be a bit late but this reply may help others. As you want to set a different limit on purchases for different products, the MultiVariants - Bulk order app can be helpful for you.


With this app, it is possible to set a minimum-maximum order quantity, bundle quantity, interval quantity, limit variants, and set min/max order value to specific products or groups of products. You can apply different rules for any specific product in your store.


However, interval quantity is the best solution for this type of requirement. For example, if you set an interval quantity of 3, then customers have to order at least 3 or multiple of 3 products (3,6,9,...). You can set a max order limit on top of it if you need.


Here is a Demo Product where the purchase limit is set to 5: The app also offers 3 days free trial. You can easily determine whether this is the app you are looking for.


Tang flavor Drink (Select any 5) – MultiVariants app demo storeTang flavor Drink (Select any 5) – MultiVariants app demo store

Emilia7 | eFoli
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Why can't Shopify simply add this as a function? I don't want to add 18 apps to my store that are $5 a month each. It's really as easy as a checkbox and a selector wheel, why can't this type of thing be added to the base functionality of a website? It's just code. We pay as monthly fee already to use the site, AND pay a fee per sale. Everytime i research a way to do something that would help me and my business, it wants more money. Shameful. 

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I am with you. I moved from Wix cause I thought its about the same price. But Everything  is extra 5$ a month. should be just a button, why do I need to download another app ?