Maximum quantity per variant possible?

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So i'm looking for a feature/app that allows me to setup a maximum quantity per VARIANT not product. Has anyone stumbled upon something that allows for this?

For example if I have an ice cream store and have the following flavors + inventory in hand.

Lemon - 300
Peach - 340
Superman - 18
Strawberry - 399

You could imagine i'd want to limit the Superman variant while keeping the other variants unlimited. On top of that, it'd be nice since I could limit it to 2 per customer and thus have 9 customers buy them instead of one customer purchasing them all.

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Hello @hreyhrey ,

Not sure for an app but yes it's possible to do it dynamically with custom code.
We can control it with the help of metafields. 

If you want to go with custom code you have to hire a developer for it.


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