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I have a store that is exclusive to a number of members. I have a program that allows them to get lower than retail prices for the products listed in my store monthly if they activate it for $100. they can also redeem items worth $100 based on retail price. I am looking for an app that has these features


1. Allow members to activate their membership for the month.

2. Allow them to select which item from the store they want to redeem (Maximum amount $100)
3. Allows to add a tag on their Shopify customer profile once they activate

4. Allows to remove tags automatically every first of the month


Any suggestion? Thank you!

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You can first explore apps like "Bold Memberships" or "ReCharge Subscriptions" on Shopify, as they offer features closely aligning with your needs, such as membership activation and item redemption. However, if these don't fully meet your specific requirements, a custom Shopify app developed to your exact specifications would be a viable alternative.

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