Merchant Mastery Reviews

Merchant Mastery Reviews

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Has anyone taken a Shopify marketing course from Merchant Mastery?


What has your experience been?

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Hello! Our company started working with Merchant Mastery in January 2024. As a former music teacher and middle school principal I was intrigued by an organization that wanted to teach me a new skill and foster my growth as a person in business. And, I had some concerns. Here is what they were and how I would answer my former self now that I have been part of this high quality learning community for over 6 months:
  • What type of person is successful in this self-paced learning model?
    • Someone who is a nerd about their product(s)
    • Tenacious about improvement - willing to test, edit, review, and present your ideas
    • Humble enough to absorb differing opinions and new ideas
    • Willing to ask for help - often
  • What happens when I don’t understand the content or application of the instruction?  This is where the real excellence of this learning model comes in. If I do not understand the instructional content I have multiple avenues in which I can seek clarity. I can post a question to the 1100 other students who are on the learning platform, I can request for one of the many marketing experts and coaches to review my work by giving timely video and/or written feedback, or I can be part of one of the many group coaching calls that occur multiple times per week which allow us to ask a specific question and learn from the questions of others.
  • What happens if I try something new in an ad or on our website and it fails?  You seek help from your team of marketing experts - again, this group of professionals are available to help improve communication with your customer. They notice little things that we don’t like wording, banner placement, and the technical aspects of working in Shopify and Meta that will help clearly communicate your message. Experts are at your fingertips - part of your team and want you to win.
  • Are we going to lose money if we aren’t good at this?  One of my big questions was how much are they going to require us to spend on Meta Ads and what if they bomb. I was happy to hear that, like everything else in the course, we are in control of our spending. We started running three ads, three weeks ago and have been jumping on calls and asking questions about the technical side of managing ads, how to know when to turn off an ad, when do we increase the ad spend, and what we should do next. We started with $60 a day and have been slowly increasing our spend and tweaking our ads based on the guidance from our coaches. So far, we have at least covered our ad spend everyday and, overall, our revenue is triple what we have spent on ads.  We have also learned when to dial back our spend and utilize our e-mail list to generate revenue.
Our company has found the learning community at Merchant Mastery to be extremely valuable. They have taught us new skills, supported us in our learning, celebrated our success, and rallied around us when we felt frustrated. We have learned who our customer is, how to get them to our store, and how to communicate the value of our products so they purchase not only the first time but for a lifetime. This has been great investment in our business!

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I have been with Merchant Mastery for just over a year now and it was the best thing I have ever done.  I have increased my sales by an average of 7x and I keep going from strength to strength.   The training is amazing and thorough, the support from the coaches is exceptional.  The coaching team have such a variety of specialities for each part of your ecommerce business.   The one thing I would say, is if you are going to do this, then commit. Put in the work, listen to the advice and feedback. Yes, some calls can take a while to get to you, but listening to where other businesses are stuck and the advice given to other people in the coaching calls, all adds to your own growth and being able to tackle a problem better when you have the same issue. The community is so supportive too. 


Having a successful business doesn't come from quick fixes but hard work, dedication and a drive to have a successful business and if you have that then this is for you!  It works!!    

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I am currently enrolled in the Merchant Mastery Elite program and have implemented all the recommended updates to my site, set up my email flows, and started running Meta ads using the Merchant Mastery strategies. The results were almost immediate, with the ads starting to convert right away—it felt almost magical!

The coaching provided by Merchant Mastery is invaluable. While the program requires a significant amount of your time and effort, it guides you through the process in a straightforward manner. Whenever I had questions, someone was always there to assist me. The community is also a treasure trove of information. Although you may need to be patient and listen to others' questions during coaching calls, I found it incredibly beneficial to learn from how others tackled their issues with Klaviyo and Shopify.

I highly recommend Merchant Mastery to Shopify owners who are passionate about their products and customers. I can't wait to see a substantial amount of growth in my business moving forward.

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Hi Sara, 


I've been enrolled in Merchant Mastery since October. I'm quite skeptical about many things, and its hard to surpass my expectations, but this program has!! The coaches are simply excellent; knowledgable, patient, and competitive in helping us merchants to win. First off you take a bunch of self paced courses to put everyone on the same baseline of knowledge: Offer and Strategy, Website/store optimization, Email Essentials and finally Advertising. I'm an experienced business person having founded and own several companies in tech, retail etc, but am a complete novice in ecommerce. Before MM I had 4 agencies doing all of this for me. Unhappy with the results, I fired them all and started with MM. I know look back and understand what a poor job these agencies were doing for me. I feel empowered that I can do all of these things myself now. With this knowledge as my company grows and I hire a team, I'll be well positioned to coach and drive the team to success. There are multiple calls to choose from daily. I visit 4-5 calls per week where coaches tackle members questions and challenges. I'm also in a pod 1x per week where I'm accountable to a group of 5 other business owners and the coach. Ecommerce takes time, but as of late my results are up 200-400% over where I started; I'm excited to continue with MM behind me!

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I started the MME program in May 2024 and it's a lot of work--mostly because the coaches ask that you dig deep into your inner soul to really define your space then speak to it.  My website prior to MME looks nothing like it does today.  I never had email integrated and I was not running ads.  Prior to MME I was getting 2-3 sales a week.  After re-designing my site, turning on my email flows and starting a campaign, my sales are now 2-4 a day!  And that's just the first 2 weeks of my ad campaign.  Now I have new problems like scaling my production.  My advice to anyone considering this program is you have to commit!  If you do, it will pay off generously.