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Has there been any updates or progress on the ability to MERGE CUSTOMER ACCOUNTS that are duplicates?  We have a ton and we basically began online sales in early March.  This is really needed to keep up with past orders and preferences.  We also offer rewards for our repeat customers and this system has really made tracking sales difficult.  



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This is a much needed feature indeed. At our store, a customer signed up once with her email address and second time with their phone number, and now there are two customer accounts for her.

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When will shopify at least start to address this issue?  I brought this up 11 years ago and still nothing.    How hard can it be?  Your work arounds only cause more work, very inefficient. 

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Please please please update this!

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Is there a common factor in duplicate accounts?

Yes, customers forget a password, or that they have an account, and create a new acct. 

Being able to merge accounts would allow me to have better data on customers reordering.

Please include this much needed feature.


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Any updates on this one? It has been quite a while...

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Any update on being able to merge customer profiles? This seems like the most straight forward request and wanted by many of your clients. What is going on that we cannot merge two profiles??

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For us it happens on point of sale A LOT. If a customer is not added to the cart BEFORE they use a credit card - it defaults to the name of the person on the credit card. Not just "no customer" so I can add one later... it literally sets up a brand new customer with just the first and last name of the card. Either get rid of auto-generating a customer from a credit card or let me merge customers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have multiple businesses that send runners each with their own card but I KNOW the purchases are for a single business. I can change the name to match but I can't re-use the businesses email or phone number. I've only been using point of sale for 5 weeks and I already have over 15 customers for a single business. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO TRACK ANYTHING!?!?!! And since I can't re-use email or phone addresses I can't even put in a phone number to pull them all up. I have to make sure each has the name typed in the same.

So for point of sale - it's not even an archived vs. active thing. It is literally creating new customers with each credit card purchase!!

Yes, I know I could just "make sure to add the customer to the cart first" but that is not a realistic solution. Things happen. I have a line of people waiting to check out. The courier doesn't know which store sent them, or my employee forgets. We need to be able to merge customers.

PS- I can't enter a company name unless I have a physical address associated with it even if it is a business not a person making the purchase.....Company name should be a basic info field and not require an address to enter. Especially with POS. I have runners come in and say this is for "Business B" and I have to put "Business B" in the last name field so it will pull it up for employees... Or they have to look it up on a hard copy list (in 2021!)... not everyone knows the first and last name of a business owner or sales manager..... uuuugggggghhhhhhh

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Importing my orders from Wordpress caused duplicate customers, once those same customers ordered from my store once it was on Shopify--despite the customer information being the same for all orders.

Being able to merge is very important. It allows us to track VIP customers who order often and how much money they have spent. It should definitely be a standard feature for Shopify, as with merging orders. Multiple orders happens when someone orders more than once right after another... there is no (easy) way combine it to ship them together. I care about my carbon footprint and do a workaround to ship it all together, but it is very time consuming and involves risk of many needless automatic emails being being sent to the customer. Tracking can get confusing too once I do the workaround.

So merging orders is not only more efficient, but better for the environment in regards to shipping. These features should be a priority for Shopify!

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Is there any updates of this feature?  It would be really useful to help clean up our customer accounts.

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We would love this to be a feature.  We have many customers who have several customer profiles, because they either use different credit cards in-store and don't provide an email, or different email addresses online.  For example we have one customer who has 4 profiles, because she shops in-store and online.  She has used 2 different email addresses online, and has also used 2 different credit cards in-store, which has created 2 different profiles. 

The ability to merge her profiles (and all of the other customer duplicates we have) into one would make it easier to track her purchases, look up her purchases if she needs to exchange and forget her receipt, and for rewards program usage.  


Am I making things up, or did this used to be a feature years ago?