Merging customer accounts

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I've been asking for this feature to be added for years and the need keeps growing... any chance we can see this in 2018? I have numerous customers who change their email address and then come back to shop and end up creating a new account...the software does not give them the option to update their own email address and they almost always contact me after the fact and my hands are tied. Reflects poorly on my company when its really a limitation of the shopping cart software...

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Hey, Rich!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Thanks for reaching out to us, and I can absolutely understand that this is a matter of some frustration for you.  There isn't currently a timeline on when we'll be able to introduce this function, but you're right, and you're certainly not the only merchant that's reached out to us on this.  What I'll do here is reach out to our developers with a feature request.  I know you've reached out to us on this before, but the more requests we can send up to the devs to make them aware that this is a pain point for our merchants, the better the chance we have of getting this on the development roadmap.

Really appreciate the time you've taken to give us your feedback - if there's anything else that we can help with, just let us know! You can give us a call or start a live chat at any time, we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify Guru

Alex | Shopify 
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Thanks Alex, lets hope this gets on the todo list.

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I vote for this addition as well. This is very frustrating and it's a feature that is available in most software I've used in the past. PLEASE ADD IT : )

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I would love to see this feature added as well. Im surprised it isnt available

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I would also like to see this feature.

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Please please please can we have this. It's the one big annoyance I have with shopify. Because of this I've had to force customer accounts which causes me and my customers endless annoyance - although duplicate accounts would be worse for me.

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PLEASE Add this

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Can we get some traction on this? This should really be a priority change...every store has a need for this feature, whether they recognize it or not.

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The problem we run into is across our website and our POS. A customer uses on card and comes across as Greg; he uses a second and comes across as Gregory. And now I can never, EVER associate the two. 

It messes with my customer reporting, 

It make it difficult to contact customers when orders are ready, because maybe the registered online with their email. 


This is a perfect example of how Shopify doesn't know what it wants to be: Is it going to be the back end for tiny import/dropship sites that everyone on youtube will show you how to make; Or grow into a real ecommerce company.  We only have 1 store and I'm out growing Shopify at an alarming rate.  

This is but one issue that I have tired to bring up, and usually I get the "You can download an app" that's over priced, and have way to much fucntionality that what I need.