Meta will not allow me to connect my store to my FB page due to my account not being "trustworthy"

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I had to close my original shopify store due to a domain change (when I set up the first store we didn't have a name and was advised to use my own name, then when a customer would select a text receipt my name would show up in the url and after much back and forth there was no solution to change this other than to close the first store, this store was connected to Meta and everything was fine. When I reopened the store under the proper name I tried to link the original Facebook page to the store and after going through the verification meta is saying I violate number 4 of their guidelines, trustworthiness. After calling Meta they told me it is due to the age of the page and the lack of engagement - the business is driven mainly by instagram, we dont have much engagement on facebook. They told me to get my followers up and likes and try to connect again. They have blocked me from trying to connect now because this has been ongoing for a year and I have applied too many times. So I have a few questions:


1. Has anyone experienced this and if they have what was the outcome?

2. Would it be better to close the business on meta and start a new page? 

3. The engagement is high on instagram, is there anyway to use that in my favour instead of the engagement on fb?


At this point I am open to hearing any suggestions.

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Hello MG2024

Happy Monday!! am sorry for  the inconvenience caused. Would you be interested in WhatsApp Commerce?  SUKHIBA is  conversational commerce platform on WhatsApp that allows  business integrate payments, sales & marketing solutions all on WhatsApp. You are also able to edit and rename how your store appears to the end consumer. Happy to take you through how this works.