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Hi if i can select a metafield type File and check both the value image and video
now i did not understand on which base i can seperate them.
how i can access them 

here is code that i can try it is working fine if i can upload a image but i cant understand how i can get the video
<div class="custom-file-type">

<img src="{{ product.metafields.custom.file.value | img_url:'master' }}">




it work fine but if the user select the video so how i can access it any suggestion how i can differentiate on the base of file type.
if there is video it show the video and if user select the imaage it display the image 
please help

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You can look at the media type. It will return image for images, and generic_file for everything else. That should be good enough for you to know that's a video in your example. The file extension would also give you a very strong indicator of the file type.

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i understand the type but could you right a few line of code according to given contion it very helpful for me thanks