Microsoft Ads UET Tag NOT Detected on Shopify Checkout page

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We've set up the UET tag (to theme.liquid) for our e-commerce website, by following the instructions from both Shopify and Microsoft. 


Shopify Help

Microsoft Help


For homepage and other pages, it's OK. 


But for the Checkout Page (in order to track conversion value), it's problematic. The UET tag cannot be detected. The 2 sources shared above contain outdated information, because as of now, the Shopify Settings > Checkout > "Order status page additional scripts" is shown to be DEPRECATED. Perhaps because of this, any script entered here has no effect at all. 



Deprecated Feature Explanation:
The “Order status page additional scripts” feature is being deprecated due to upcoming updates aimed at improving the overall security and efficiency of our platform. When features are labeled as deprecated, it means they are not advised for use and will eventually be removed entirely. Continued use can lead to inconsistent experiences or functionality issues as they are not supported long-term.


Microsoft Support advised to get Shopify Support to revert to the checkout.liquid, but this can be done only for Shopify Plus subscribers (we are not). Upgrading to Shopify Plus (USD 2,300/month) doesn't seem to be an option as we are just a small business. 


The alternatives given by Shopify to update and manage scripts are:
1) Use Pixels for Customer Event Tracking: Implement tracking pixels for customer actions post-purchase directly through your Shopify admin under the relevant section for marketing and conversions.
2) Leverage App Blocks and Theme Extensions: These tools are designed to integrate seamlessly with your store, offering a safe way to extend functionality without editing code directly.


We found none of the 2 options could be applied for our purpose. 


Wondering if anyone faced the same issue and has got a resolution? 


Thank you in advance! 🙏🏻

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Hello Mandy666,

Thanks for your query. additional script is going to be deleted in future. You can put all kinds of tracking code in your website via GTM in the shopify.

I set up any analytics in the website via GTM for my clients.

for your kind info GTM is the tagging Google platform that enables us to put any kind of coding script in the website.

don't hesitate to ask any question you may have.



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