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Migrate subscription form One shopify store to another shopify store

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Hello, I have currently 50+ active subscriptions/recurring-orders on my old shopify store. For subscription management I'm using Appstle Subscription App and shopify payment gateway. Is there any way to migrate all the subscriptions to new shopify store? 


I had tried to export all the orders and customer through Matrixify but subcriptions don't active with this. I had also contacted with Appstle customer support and got this reply:

"Migrating customer profiles to Shopify: This is where customer profiles must be migrated in Shopify, which requires payment methods associated with said customers in order for subscriptions to be associated with them. This is something that you would do before contacting us about the migration directly from Shopify. From what we have heard, it is not possible to migrate these from store to store."

Is there any solution for this?? Looking forward for your suggestions. Thank You!

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Shopify Partner
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Regrettably, you won't be able to achieve that. The only option available is to individually communicate with the app developers.

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Chen Lay