Migrating data from other platform

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I have questions about migrating an ecommerce store to Shopify 

It seems like there is Shopify transporter which only supports Magento, and there is Transporter app which is only available to Shopify Plus customers.

I can't commit to upgrading our plan to Plus unless we know that the app transporter works with all the fields we need, so here is my questions:

  1. Importing customers data with custom fields like referralCode, referralSource, sourceType etc... How can I accomplish that? Metadata seems like a thing to use, but there is no details about metafiled. This is what I think it may be a way, but would like to know for sure.  customerJourney is a field from graphql
    First NameLast NameEmail...

    Metafield Namespace

    Metafield Key

    Metafield Value

    Metafield Value Type

        customerJourneysourceType string
  2.  also where and how do I map publication fields to import?

I appreciate your help in advance!