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Minimum Order Quantity App

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I feel like I've tried every min/max app and haven't been able to duplicate the solution I see on the websites below with the item count message at the top of the minicart and dynamic checkout button.

Does anyone happen to know what these two websites are using to accomplish this? I love that it avoids annoying popups and clearly communicates how many more items are needed to checkout. I don't need it to be product specific, just a simple cart/order minimum/maximum based on item quantity, not dollar amount.


Screenshot 2023-11-06 at 4.38.14 PM.png

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No apps needed for something like that both businesses invested in theme customizations to own their processes with custom designs and behaviors.


If you must keep looking for apps what your referencing is basically a glorified in cart upsell that works with cart-drawers/ajax-carts,etc, or order min-max app that is then still customized to need.


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