Misrepresentation Suspended Google Merchant Account

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My store has been suspended, even though it was validated a few days before.

I've tried to respect their policies, but honestly I think I've done everything I can and I still have the same problem.


There's no real help from support to find out what's causing the problem, so it's like looking for a thorn in a haybox.


Here is my store: antare.fr

If anyone can help or refer me, that would be cool because I really don't understand and if someone can solve my problem I'd be happy to pay for it.

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Check these guys out: https://feedarmy.com. I recently talked to Emmanuel from there about Google Merchant, he was quite knowledgeable and gave advice about a risk (items being permanently on sale being misleading and grounds for suspension).


Seems like he might have the type of advice you're looking for.

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Thank you, i've just contacted them