Missing Button Label when "enable swipe on mobile" is checked using Multicolumn section. Dawn theme

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Hi everyone! Any help is much appreciated. What code can I insert to fix missing button label when "enable swipe on mobile" is checked in multicolumn section? I'm using Dawn theme 10.0.0.
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The logic in the code seems to be that if there is no slider on mobile (i.e.: all columns fit without needing a slider), it hides the "button_label" element.

You can override this by editing the file "multicolumn.liquid" under the Sections folder in the Code Editor.

On line 38, remove the text "and show_mobile_slider".
That should force the button label to always show.
(see highlighted code in the attached image)


The button should be appearing below the columns anyway, as it does on desktop.
If the slider is enabled, it moves to the top right of the section.
Is something different happening on your site?

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I try to removed the text on the line 38 "and show_mobile_slider", but still doesn't show the button on the mobile.