Missing Interpolation value

Missing Interpolation value

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Hi everyone,

I’m encountering an issue that I hope someone can assist with. Previously, two of our collection pages had so many products that they generated a "Page 2." We resolved this by switching to infinite scrolling, but our SEO software is still detecting "Page 2" and reporting an i18n error: "missing interpolation value 'page' for 'Page' {{page}}" (see the attached screenshot).

I suspect this might be related to the default theme settings. I've included a screenshot of the current page settings under "data" for reference.

Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many thanks!



Screenshot 1 Interpolation error.jpgScreenshot 2 Interpolation error.jpg

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Contact your SEO software provider:

  • Explain the switch to infinite scrolling and the resulting error message.
  • They might have a way to exclude "Page 2" from being scanned or offer alternative solutions.
  • Theme code editing (if comfortable):

    • Look for code snippets containing "Page {{page}}" in your theme.
    • If it's for pagination and you're using infinite scrolling, consider removing or modifying that specific section.

Hopefully, this helps!