Mixed rates based on weight or price

Mixed rates based on weight or price

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I currently charge a delivery fee for upto £50 but becomes free delivery over £50. But im facing issues where I need to add a fee when over a certain weight as this is eating into profits! How can I set my rates based on my postage rules as the setup I have doesn't add a fee when its over the free delivery but certain weight.




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Hi, To set up delivery fees based on both order value and weight, you'll need to adjust your shipping settings in Shopify. Create shipping zones for different weight ranges and set up rates accordingly. For example, for orders over a certain weight threshold, apply a flat rate or calculated rate to cover the additional postage costs. Ensure that the rates are set up to apply only when the order value is below the free delivery threshold to avoid double charging customers.

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Directly, it is not possible, irrespective of your weight condition. Free shipping will show up when the order value is above £50.


Try to map everything to weight or price.



0-2KG - £3

2-5KG - Free Shipping

5KG+ - £3

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