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Hello! The menu elements of my website are not working properly on mobile. ( They work fine on the desktop version, but on mobile they are not clickable. I am using the free default Belle theme.


Can anyone provide support please?




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@Nimit_1985 wrote:

I am using the free default Belle theme.

Shopify does not have a theme called Belle.

Try adding a fresh copy of the theme to the site and testing that for reproducing the issue to know if it's a bug in the theme itself.

If you changed code restore a backup or duplicate theme if you made one.

If you change files you could try file roll back for the published theme 


Your site has several console errors, no idea if they are related to the footer menus not opening.

One is coming from this an object config,  Object.assign(window.baCurr.config, { 
the line:  "chosen_cur":,

it should be  "chosen_cur":"",

or not present at all.

That line is possibly in theme.liquid or related snippets used in the <head> of the theme.



Beyond that if you need this debugged and fixed properly then contact me by my email for services.
Contact info in forum signature.
ALWAYS please provide context, examples: store url, theme name, post url(s) , or any further detail in ALL correspondence.


Good Luck.

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