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Hi there People!

It is my first time writing here and I hope someone can help me 🙂 

Basically we have a shopify store: 

On the web version in the header we have 4 icons as follows:

Screenshot at Jan 27 09-50-21.png

However on the mobile view only the cart icon appears. 

We want to have the same icons also on the mobile view. 

I tried looking in the code of the website but I didn't find it how to add it in the mobile view. 

Can maybe somebody help? We have the Brookly Theme installed. 

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hello @Audition11 ,

Edit header.liquid under Sections and search for 

<div class="site-nav--mobile text-right">

Once you find it insert the html of the elements (icons) you want in mobile.

Keep noted, you have to write additional css to adjust these icons in mobile.


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Try GEMPAGES a great app with drag and drop features to design landing/product/individual pages.
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Thank you for your feedback. 

So I need to input the icon code I want under the code mentioned by you? 

And what exactly needs to be done in css?

Thanks and best regards



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He Audrius,


Were you able to solve your problem? I have the same/simular issue with my store (dutch/NL) as seen in de printscreen. I only happens one mobile and in different browsers. Cant figure our what went wrong. When i am working in shopify itself everything seems to be fine, only on mobile devices the issue appears.


Thanks in advance!




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