Modifying Inventory Status Template in Dawn

Modifying Inventory Status Template in Dawn

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I want to add additional variables in the Product > Themes > Inventory Status Block. 


Here is what I want to show


If inventory is  = 0 then show gray dot followed by " Out of Stock" else if inventory is <= 4 or > 1  then show orange dot  followed by " Low stock: X left"   else if inventory  = 1  then show red dot followed by  "Only 1 left"  else " " (blank)


This code needs to also be able to determine how much inventory there is based on the size variable that was chosen by the user.


I would like to be able to add this code to the product > template > custom liquid vs the theme code.

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Hello @Category5sweets
Your Requirement falls under cutom development and it requires a custom an dpaid development , let u sknow If you are open to discuss the same.

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