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More then 1 barcode per variant?

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Good morning all,

Has anyone found a way to have more then one barcode for variants of their products? Some of the products that we carry go through sku changes even though the product itself remains the same. Im looking for a way to be able to input multiple barcodes with the SocketScan barcode scanner and have those barcodes pop up as the same item during customer checkout on the POS system. I have already spoken with shopify directly and they pretty much told me to look at some apps that allow additional metafields. But ive spoke with some of those app developers and some have said that it is not possible with their apps.

All of this would be for internal inventory reasons, so customers will not need to be accesible to the information nor will it need to be seen on our website.

Just looking for someone that has already done this with their store to give me a little guidence/advice with getting this handled. If anyone needs clarification of what i am looking to do, please let me know!


thanks everyone!! 

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Did you find an answer to your issue?

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I too would like to know if you found a way to resolve this issue. 

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hi, did you find a workaround for this?

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We are using the SKU field as the second barcode. We don't need the SKU for our PO's since Stocky has a supplier code for our PO's. So if you don't need the SKU this should work