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Hi I am new to Shopify and the info I found regarding shipping costs/discounts are not all that clear.

I will be shipping (small box) to domestic US customers via USPS Ground. Will it be cheaper to ship via a commercial account with USPS or through Shopify? Shopify is claiming a steep discount of up to 77%, but once I subscribed to the Basic plan, I do not see anywhere where this discount is reflected or listed. Doesn't matter where I click, it always links me back to the standard USPS pricing sheet.

What am I missing? Thanks.

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Hello @StarBrands ,


Shopify Shipping provides discounted USPS shipping rates. To know the shipping cost, go ahead and generate the shipping label; you will be able to see the shipment cost before generating the label.


Here are a few other options to get the cheapest shipping rates for USPS:


- Use Flat Rate Shipping: USPS Flat Rate options allow you to ship items at a set rate regardless of weight, as long as they fit inside the packaging. 


- Use Flat Rate Envelope: Suitable for documents and small items, measuring approximately 12 ½" x 9 ½".


- Choose the Right Service: USPS First-Class Package Service is cost-effective for packages up to 15.99 ounces, making it ideal for lightweight items. It balances cost and delivery speed effectively.


- This platform offers significant shipping discounts on USPS rates, with savings of up to 40% off Priority Mail and 62% off Priority Mail Express. 


- Optimize Packaging: Minimizing packaging size can reduce costs, as shipping rates are influenced by package dimensions. Utilizing USPS-provided packaging for Priority Mail and Flat Rate services can also lead to savings.


- Negotiate Rates: Large volume shippers may negotiate better rates with USPS through an EVS Account based on their shipping history and volume. Establishing a strong relationship with your local USPS representative can aid in securing more favorable rates.


- PluginHive Shopify USPS Shipping Integration: This integration ensures cost-effective shipments by enabling the selection of the most economical shipping method for each order. With optimized box packing, it helps reduce packaging size and lower shipping costs. The integration also saves time by automating the order fulfillment process, directly integrating with your Shopify store, providing live order tracking for customers and store owners, and offering USPS live rates at checkout for accurate shipping cost calculation.

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Thank you for the info.