Moved the my website to shopify. But on Google search not indexing others pages except "shop" page.

Moved the my website to shopify. But on Google search not indexing others pages except "shop" page.

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Hi all,
I am a new here.
I recently moved my website to Shopify. But on Google search, the pages ( I rearranged them with different headers in my new Shopify site)  show "404 error" except the "shop" page.
I guess I need to redirect them and change then header to reflect my newly created headers. But I am now sure How? Can someone advise me here where to start?
Many thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

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@Ingi thanks for posting here.
can you please share link to inspect.

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thank you. For the reply. is my link .

when I click the “shop” it works. The rest headers are not working.

Many thanks indeed.


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Yeah you should create redirects. Can do one by one in Shopify admin. Or in bulk. 


Moving platforms can have a lot of moving parts. In a perfect world, to reduce risk, you would plan an "SEO migration" ahead of time to have everything ready before live.


But from where you are now, to retain SEO value generally you want to: 

  • Keep unique content the same or similar after move to new site: SEO title, SEO description, H1, body copy etc. 
    • Can do this in bulk as well, but the below focuses on the URL redirects.
  • Redirect any URLs that change 1-to-1, this includes the ones that have now become 404


Find the URLs to redirect:

  • Google Search Console - export by most clicks/impressions
  • Google Analytics - export landing pages by most organic traffic
  • Ahrefs/SEMrush - export pages with most backlinks links and most estimated traffic
  • ScreamingFrog - crawl the old site if it is still live being hosted as a backup somewhere
  • Once you've compiled and de-duped your list from above, find URLs that are 404 - use ScreamingFrog or Redirectinator

Then for the pages that are 404 - create a redirect map

This is just a spreadsheet. From old URL to new URL. Matching manually 1-to-1 as best you can. This means product to product, category to collection, blog article to blog article etc.



Then once prepared, upload redirects in bulk into Shopify. Then test all the old 404 URLs are now being correctly redirected with ScreamingFrog or Redirectinator. 



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Hi @ KieranR,

Thank you so much for the detailed explanations. It makes sense now. The only thing is that I changed the subcategories page name (e.g. Table Classics to Dining & Kitchen. I was hoping Google will pick up when I change the platform and DNS setting for the existing website.

But it it didn't pick up.I will try to redirect from Google Console.


Ingi xx

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I see that you are concerned about the 404 error on your website.
It is wise to check the 404 report from Google Search Console.
But the 404 report of Google Search Console sometimes lags behind and appears in the report much later than the 404 error that appeared earlier, because it has limited crawling resources for each website, so it often lags behind.
But if your website has a 404 error, it may be indexed and appear in Google search results. Users may click on your website's 404 error, which will confuse users and you may lose a click traffic.
So I suggest you use the redirect shopify app, because it can set users to automatically redirect to other normal pages of your website after clicking on 404.
Recommended SEOAnt ‑ 404 Link Redirect, there is a free version, 24/7 customer service.

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