Multi-Currency not automated

Multi-Currency not automated

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Hello, shopify does not automatically adjust currency by looking at the customer their location. But I want to use this feature, does anyone know how to do that? So for customer their from England the currency should automatically be set to Great Brittish Pounds (GBP) by looking at the customer their location. But I don't want a currency selector, so it has to be automated. Can anyone please look into this for me? Thanks in advance! Stef.

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Hi @TrendBlend 

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You're correct, by default Shopify doesn't automatically switch currencies based on a customer's location. However, there are a couple of ways to achieve what you want:

1. Built-in Multi-Currency:

  • Shopify offers built-in multi-currency support, but it requires some manual configuration.
  • You can set up multiple currencies (like GBP for England) and activate the "Show prices to customers in their local currency" checkbox.


  • This method relies on IP address detection, which isn't always foolproof. Customers might still see the wrong currency if they're using a VPN or their IP address doesn't accurately reflect their location.

2. Currency Switcher Apps:

  • Several apps in the Shopify App Store ( offer more advanced currency switching features. These apps can use a combination of IP address, geo-location data, and browser settings to automatically detect a customer's location and display prices in the appropriate currency.

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