Multi language checkout?

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I'd recommend you LangShop. It's my favorite app - translates automatically into different languages AND it's possible to change currency there. I see you don't need currency variation but other features will be very handy for you I believe. 

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const handleCheckout = () => {
    const checkoutJA = `${checkout.webUrl}&locale=ja`
    const checkoutEN = `${checkout.webUrl}&locale=en`

    //switch checkout language based on locale
    const checkoutUrl = intl.locale === "ja" ? checkoutJA : checkoutEN


(This is the reply to a previous question about how to redirect checkout URL based on locales).

You can simply add language parameter at the end of checkout URL.

In my case, I'm using react-intl to switch languages on my website (which is created with GatsbyJS by the way), so checkout URL can be switched based on intl locales like above.

As shopify buy button doesn't support language redirection officially, this is the simplest solution I've ever found out so far.