Multi option discount with unique codes

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is it possible to create a discount model like this:

New members members joining at the $100 and $250 membership level recieve the following
discount on orders purchased (want customer to have option to choose either one vs providing 2 codes if possible, but 2 codes would work if can make code unique to each user)
o $25 off on orders of $150 or greater
o $100 off on orders of $600 or greater



  • Unique code for each customer to be shared when register as a member (its a partner organization, not with our store)
  • Multi option discount
    • $25 Off purchased of $150 or greater
    • $100 Off purchases of $600 or greater


The goal is to offer the option to choose either discount based on amount spent using a single code, with the key element that a unique code is created for each customer (verses a generic code anyone can use) that can only be used once. 

Thank you for any help you can offer!!!

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Hi RoofTopOverland,


It sounds like you want a discount code that "remembers" each member's choice.


If so, then this is a complex use case that you might have a hard time finding an existing solution for.


For custom discounts like this, your best option might be to build a custom app using Shopify Functions:

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