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Hello everyone,

I have been looking around for the multi-step checkout process to capture additional data before the purchase happens. This includes custom multi-form questions, date of birth check, conditional questions, etc., Very similar to what has done (they use Shopify too). So as an example here is the screenshot:


It allows to fill in this custom form, capturing DoB and once you click on checkout it then goes to normal shopify checkout. Any ideas how to do this ? I almost gave up on Shopify because it is not easy to find the information about custom forms. Thanks for all the help!

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@Entropical wrote:

it is not easy to find the information about custom forms.


Because your not using correct and precise language, that is not a checkout it's just a glorified customized cart. A cart is not a checkout a checkout is not an order,etc.

Build a cart like with with cart attributes 

Or line item properties per product 


💣Both guides are for vintage themes you will have to adapt them to modern themes.


If you need this customization then contact me by mail for services.
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Notice the example has done a poor job of a custom cart,  with miscommunicating which types of orders they auto cancel in the field tooltips , and fails to pass the info to checkout making customers double entry so they're prolly losing a chunk of business.


Note that only Shopify Plus stores could actually modify the /checkout process, or could till deprecation due to shopify functions which do let merchants expose some features in checkout now through apps.

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Yes, unless on Shopify Plus this cannot be done at checkout, it must be done on the cart or product pages. Fairly easy to add triggered cart fields (triggered by product tags for example), and pass that into the order as line item info. You could even do this with draft orders as well - if you wanted to capture the data, inspect it, and auto-create a draft order you can send to the ‘buyer’ - before a checkout officially happens.


Let us know if you need a hand.




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Hi buddy,

Can you share information or guide for this.

Looking forward to your response. Thank you.