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I'm considering using Shopify for a client project. It would include:


1. The landing page for their business

2. A blog

3. An eCommerce store which would allow users to create their own store and sell products via the website


I wanted to enquire if 3 was possible with Shopify? Essentially something akin to a eBay/Amazon Marketplace, but done via Shopify. 


Each user should be able to have their own store page and list their own products to sell there. And this should then be visible to all public users. 


Is this something that's possible or do I need to look into alternatives?

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Hey @mkhalila 


So, you are thinking of using Shopify for your client project. That's great! You can do a lot with it. You want a landing page, a blog, and an online store, right. Well, Shopify can handle all that easily. But here is the cool part - you can also make it like eBay or Amazon, where different people can sell their stuff on your site. Each seller gets their own little store page. That would be pretty neat, Definitely worth checking out!


I hope this helps! If you need more help, just let me know. Feel free to email me directly for more detailed help.



Vinay Kumar

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Thank you Vinay for your swift response.


That's correct!


That's really great to hear. Are there any guides/video tutorials that highlight how to go about implementing this feature of allowing different people to sell stuff with their own store on the Shopify site? 


If you could provide more details on how it's possible, that would be fantastic. For example, is it a core feature, or do I need to make use of a specific plugin for example. If so which plugins. Etc., 


Really appreciate the help