Multiple currency order can't be edited, how to change order?

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My store sells in multiple currencies via shopify payments, including USD and CAD.


A customers ordered in CAD, then requested a change to the order. When I came to edit it, it said: "multiple currency orders can't be edited" 


My default store currency is USD, but I also offer CAD. Is this correct that I can't change this order? What to do? 



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I am also having this issue and was wondering if there is away to solve this issues or a work around?

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Bringing this back up. It’s a key issue for vendors in Canada who sell to the US

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Hello, we are in the same boat here unfortunately. It is extremely surprising that there seems to be little mention anywhere of this severe issue with Shopify's platform. Both in the forms and within Shopify's documentation center.

One of our clients was forced away from Shopify at the last minute, because something as simple as editing an order wasn't supported. They are based in Canada, but a majority of their sales are to the United States. So logically, they support CAD and USD. Due to this crippling drawback to the platform, they are essentially forced to only accept CAD, which then causes all of their USD customers to be charged foreign transaction fees. 

Multiple currency has been an option for over 2 years now, and somehow it wasn't seem as a limitation that Shopify merchants couldn't edit an order. We've launched multiple sites with Shopify and had good results. It is astonishing that something as simple as changing the size of a t-shirt from Medium to Large isn't allowed because a customer didn't use the Merchants default currency.

The worst part about this entire drawback, is apparently it isn't seen as a limitation in Shopify's perspective. On the LIMITATIONS section of selling in multiple currencies with Shopify, there is zero mention that order's cannot be edited. This can be found here:

When setting up a Shopify store, we as developers, Shopify Partners, and merchants cannot possibly be expected to somehow know that we should have gone to the "Editing Orders" section of Shopify to find a single sentence which reads, "If you sell in multiple currencies and an order is placed in a currency other than your store currency, then you can't edit it." That is all we get as an explanation. It isn't highlighted, it isn't mentioned on the limitations page of Shopify, and it isn't listed anywhere else on the site. 

This can be found here:


My mention of this with Shopify Partner support has gotten me the exact same response of, "I'll go ahead and forward this request now to our developers." 

Like I previously mentioned, we have launched multiple stores with Shopify and run into hiccups before, but always found a logical solution to the problem. This is the largest oversight I could have possibly imagined that Shopify could have implemented. 


Please bump this up the pipeline. I understand that Shopify has the new feature coming soon called "Shopify Markets." When I reached out to support, they were unable to confirm that order editing was support there either. 

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I am using Order Edit API and I hope the issue can be solved too. There are too many limitations in the API but no way out. This multi-currency issue makes me lose many users. 

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Yup this is a major issue for us - half, or more, of our customers are international and we have orders that need editing every now and then.


Here are the scenarios we've encountered and whether Shopify supports them:

  • Customer needs to remove one or all items (-$)
    • ✔️Supported, partial or full refund
  • Customer needs to lower their shipping costs (-$)
    • ✔️Supported, partial or full shipping refund
  • Customer wants to add an item (+$)
    • Not supported
    • ✔️Workaround - additional invoice (manual process to coalesce)
  • User wants to change an item (no cost, e.g. "small" to "medium")
    • Not supported
    • No workaround

Due to the nature of the products we sell.. we have a LOT of variants.  Customers who wish to change a variant after ordering (maybe they selected "small" instead of "medium" by accident) can't be helped.


Here's the process we've adopted:


  • Tell the customer "We'll send the Medium instead of the Small"
  • Update our inventory to increment the small stock
  • Update our inventory to decrement the medium stock
  • Leave a note on the (misleading) invoice "Sent 1 x Medium in place of 1 x Small"


This is an extremely TEDIOUS process and typically results in either:

  • Incorrect inventory numbers
    • Inventory wasn't incremented/decremented correctly
    • Causes headaches down the line, especially overselling
  • Incorrect products are shipped
    • Note wasn't followed during fulfillment

We're hoping our concerns can be addressed.  There isn't a VALUE CHANGE in the order, so the "currency of the order" really doesn't apply.

Edit: One question we may receive, "why don't you just refund and re-invoice?"  Three reasons:

  1. We're certainly concerned about losing money from exchange fees as this seems to be the case, especially when using services like PayPal
  2. This is incredibly time consuming, many of our items sell out quickly, so it's a way more involved process when we need to cancel, refund, re-stock, manual invoice ("reserve items"), etc. versus "Small -> Medium"
  3. There's always the potential to lose a customer because the process is "too complex" or the second transaction triggers a fraud alert.. or the customer hasn't received their refund into their bank account as it takes a few days.

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Also having this issue and now is Jan, 2023 and still cannot edit orders in other currency to the store's main currency.


Have mentioned this to support a few times. As it's incredibly frustrating not being able to edit orders and slows down order processing massively as well as complicates further my accounting/tax/book keeping etc as well. 


Hoping there is a fix soon and at least before 2024.

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Agreed!! Major frustration for my team. No editing multi currency orders and also not being able to discount in USD for a US order.


ie we are a Canadian business and if we want to discount an item to $20 USD per item we have only the ability to discount in CAD which is a nightmare for my team trying to figure out all the precise conversions

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+1 right here. How hard could it be to arrange such an easy thing??? 

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Came here to complain about the same!! 

Very lame!!


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Same problem here and now when I view an invoice its also in the customers native currency.  I want everything shown at my end in UK pounds.  Why does Shopify not reply?


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We started getting this issue last week, mid October 2023. It never happened before. It is a real problem. Forces us to manually send out customer emails explaining why we can't edit the order, and disrupts the inventory.

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Why are we not getting any support on here from Shopify???????

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Can also confirm this is a problem for us.


Recently started selling internationally. If a customer writes in to no-cost change a Medium to a Small, we’re screwed.

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Look like Shopify has deployed a patch to fix this issue!





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Thanks for the heads up, almost 4 years isn't too bad!
We'll have to test it out. Thanks again.