Multiple Image Swatches for Product Variants

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The products have Image Swatches which describe the stone to be used for a piece of jewelry. 

Screenshot 2023-10-04 121421.jpg

The first 2 options mean that there's an image swatch representing you will have just 1 color for the stone. 
The 2 following options mean that you will have 4 colors. 
I couldn't find a way to "group" image swatches. 
The feature the client had previous to Shopify was this preview:


That worked with mouse hover on a desktop or with a touch on mobile displays. 
Is there any App that could do the same? 
I found several apps that offer Image Swatches. The only workaround we found was to make the picture with all of the "colors" as an image and show it like that. 
The only problem with that option is that we can't make any more variables to show the "grouped" swatches separately.
Also, we could not make one of the 2 fields required. So the end user would get confused at times. 
I'm looking for an app or multiple apps that have these features and are compatible. 
Thanks a lot in advance.

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I need something similar.

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Hi @Paul_magdas,

I'd recommend exploring the Checkbox with images option type offered by the Easify Product Options app for your specific needs.

With this feature, each checkbox option can effectively showcase your group of stones. You'll have the flexibility to include an image representing all 4 stones. While the default image box is currently square, our developers are open to customizing it to accommodate a wider image layout, allowing you to upload a long-width image showcasing all four stones seamlessly.

Here's a quick demo to illustrate the potential outcome:



It's important to note that the proposed feature does not currently include a quantity selector for each checkbox option, as depicted in your reference image. 

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